Major code: 6210402

Training level: College

Form of training: Full time

Entrance qualification: Graduated from high school or equivalent;

Training duration: 02 years

Training objectives

 General objectives:

Bachelor in Graphic Design has good, Ethics and Good Health; responsible for society; mastering basic knowledge of economics, politics and society; Training human resources with professional knowledge and practical ability in the field of Graphic Design. Students who successfully complete the curriculum are able to create, work independently, earn a living by profession or continue to improve their education.

Specific objectives:

– Knowledge: Students are able to

  • Present design ideas and publishing of graphic products: Catalog / Brochure / Album / Poster / Web site / CD Intro…
  • Design analysis / scenario building / character building and good use of multimedia graphics tools.
  • Describe the management of one or more systems of information technology projects in the field of graphics.

– Skills: Students are able to

  • Proficient in graphic software such as: Photoshop / Illustrator / Corel Draw…
  • Graphic design in Web programming languages such as HTML / DHTML / Java Script / CSS / PHP / My SQL.
  • Design multimedia websites such as Media / Flash.
  • Proficiency in multimedia software and web design such as Macromedia Dreamweaver / Macromedia Flash / 3D Max…
  • Fluent in written software such as InDesign.
  • Design and create graphic image processing products such as photo album/photo restoration/ photo technique … Advertising products such as Poster / Brochure / Catalog / Magazine…
  • Designed to build websites that operate in the areas of personal referral/advertising/ sales / information / education…

Job opportunity after graduation:

  • Working in the related arts such as advertising / fashion design;
  • Working in companies / agencies / organizations that publish books / magazines;
  • Website design / Websites;
  • Can work at agencies / companies involved in the use / exploitation of multimedia technology.