Major code: 6620302

Training level: College

Form of training: Full time

Entrance qualification: Graduated from high school or equivalent

Training duration: 2 years

Training objectives

General objectives:

The aquaculture program at the college level aims to equip students with the basic knowledge to develop comprehensively; Equipped with intensive knowledge about breeding techniques, prevention and treatment of freshwater and saltwater aquaculture species, production and processing techniques for aquatic species, management and processing techniques, preservation and especially be able to be self-sufficient in production and business; It is possible to apply technology and use equipment in aquaculture in the direction of ensuring food hygiene and safety and sustainability to meet the needs of the society.

Specific objectives:

– Knowledge: Students are able to

+ Aquatic animals, fisheries, environmental management of ponds, aquatic works, nutrition and food in aquaculture, prevention and treatment of aquatic species, product safety standards and labor safety in aquaculture;

+ Techniques for seed production, commercial farming of aquatic species of economic value;

+ Transportation, processing and preservation of aquatic animals after harvest;

+ Create an enterprise, organize production management, agricultural extension, fishery promotion, exploitation and protection of fisheries resources.

– Skills: Students are able to

+ Identify aquatic species of economic value for production, aquatic species for aquatic animals;

+ To prepare pond building works, efficient use of feeds, environmental management, epidemics, exploitation, preservation and marketing of aquatic products;

+ To carry out process of producing seeds and raising commercial fish species of economic value;

+ Know the process of processing some aquatic products;

+ To Make and implement production plans;

+ To apply knowledge learned to participate in improving the production process in practice.

Job opportunity after graduation:

Students after graduation from aquaculture at college level can be:

  • Technicians of seed production, raising commercial species of high economic value.
  • Technicians for preservation and processing of aquatic products.